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December 2023: This page has NOT been maintained for over ten years. Sorry.

This is dedicated to all other types of megamixes and mashups. See this page as a alternative to the music from DJ Pool. There is no red line in this page and choice of music and the songs will not be updated on a regular basis.

Find more from DJ Rasmus P at his personal Soundcloud page.

If you want to download from Soundcloud, then you can use StreamPocket.

One comment

  1. Tomino · September 13, 2013

    Hello DJ Pool

    I want to ask whether it is possible to buy a video clip of your Pool Mix Party Part 1 at You
    I like it very much and I’d like to have it in my collection.

    Thank you for the early info and you are doing great miegamixes and work.

    Sincerely, DJ Tomino