Pool Mix by DJ Pool

This is a tribute page, trying to collect all poolmixes for streaming and as as download. This page is NOT owned or maintained by DJ Pool, but as of April 2012 approved by him.

October 2014: We have finally migrated to a new HTML5 audio player. The site is now working on iPads and iPhones – and of course also in browsers and phones not supporting the soon obselete flash. A big step for us. Oh, and while we were at it, all the mixes is now possible to download as MP3.

March 2015: You guys streamed and downloaded 863 gigabytes of poolmixes in December 2014. That’s a new record for this site! Thanks. Our host says there’s room for more. We updated with a little Pool Mini Mix as a thank you.

Because of heavy spamming, new user registration is closed! But it’s still possible to write comments (og I er velkommen til at skrive på dansk).

Click at the mix name for more information about the mix, like tracklist and cover, or click at the play button to listen to the mix right away:

Lidt læsestof: DJ Pool – Kongen af halvfemserne (dansk artikel).